About us

Cristopher Mark Designs is the American based graphic apparel line of Cristopher Mark. Founded in 2014 to showcase the original graphic designs of it's name sake, the label has established itself as a highly sought after luxe fashion brand.

The Art
Every design is riddled with elucidate detail and steeped in provocative thought. Each eloquently capturing the enduring characteristics that are among the rarest of the rare. The skeletal form is the oft used mode used to portray the fundamental essence of the evolutionary spirit. Which is the motivating force that resides within all. Every Cristopher Mark piece exemplifies style and self expression in a grand celebration of those who have and an inspiration for those who will.

The Clothing
Every piece of clothing is truly a work of art. Every garment is cut from the finest fabrics and then constructed with meticulous care. The brand thrives on its uniqueness, dedication to quality and exclusivity. Our items are created for those who not only seek the epitome of style and self expression; but enjoy the most extraordinary things life has to offer.